Keep Your Smile Bright With General Dentistry in New Albany

You naturally want to have the most beautiful and healthiest smile you can. However, that doesn’t happen by accident. Along with proper brushing and flossing at home, you need to take advantage of general dental care from Kirchner Dental. Over the years, Dr. Kirchner has helped many patients achieve their ideal smiles and would be glad to help you as well. The Kirchner Dental name has long been associated with excellence in dentistry, and our newest location will continue to meet that standard. General dentistry in New Albany will:

  • Catch and treat small dental problems before they worsen
  • Remove built up plaque and tartar from your teeth
  • Offer you preventive treatments to keep your smile healthy
  • Help you enjoy peace of mind about your oral health
  • Reduce your likelihood of experiencing painful dental emergencies
  • Improve your oral health and total body health

Give your smile the best treatment you can with general dental services. Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-884-8304 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our $49 new patient special and our Smile Club for patients without dental insurance.

General Dental Care is Your Key to a Beautiful Smile

Since general dental treatment is so important, we offer a variety of services that fall under that category. We’ll never recommend treatments that you don’t need. Rather, we’ll advise you on the best way to keep your smile beautiful. Our services include:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – At your six-month visits, your dental hygienist will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. Then, Dr. Kirchner will give you a complete dental exam.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If we find evidence of gum disease, we’ll use a “deep cleaning” technique to remove infection from around and under your gumline.
  • Dry Mouth Treatment – Your mouth needs adequate saliva to wash away debris from your teeth. We can offer advice and recommend specialty products to help you manage this condition.
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath) Treatment – Bad breath can be embarrassing, plus it can often be a symptom of an underlying problem such as gum disease. We’ll find out what’s causing your bad breath and treat it accordingly.
  • Athletic Mouthguards – Athletes who wear mouth protection are much less likely to suffer dental damage. A professionally-made mouthguard fits better and offers better protection than one bought off the shelf.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings – We’ll examine your mouth for early signs of this disease so that you can get treatment as soon as possible.

Explore Our Other Types of Dentistry

During your dental exam, we may find problems that need treatment other than general dental care. We recommend needed treatments to protect your oral health and the health of the rest of your body. These include:

  • Tooth Fillings – Get a tooth-colored filling to repair damage from cavities.
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges – Repair damaged or worn teeth or replace missing teeth.
  • Orthodontics – Straighten your crooked teeth with a variety of orthodontic options.
  • Oral Surgery – We can remove damaged or diseased teeth or prepare your jaw for dental implants.

To keep smiling brightly, see us for general dentistry in New Albany. Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-884-8304 to schedule an appointment at one of our other locations. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry includes several services that are designed to help you maintain an attractive smile and optimal oral health. Among these are dental cleanings and exams, gum disease treatment, and custom-fit mouthguards to protect your teeth. Routine dental care goes a long way toward keeping your smile in the best shape possible.

How can you treat dry mouth at home?

Depending on the cause of your dry mouth, you can take successful steps to remedy the condition. It may be as simple as drinking more water to keep you well hydrated. We can also recommend specialty products you can use at home to help keep your mouth moist so you feel more comfortable.

Why are mouthguards important?

The most common reason to wear a mouthguard is to protect your teeth and gums while playing sports. Whether you’re participating in a contact sport or not, a well-made mouthguard is your best defense against blows to the mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. Mouthguards can also alleviate symptoms of teeth grinding, TMJ disorders, and even obstructive sleep apnea.

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