We’ll Stop Gum Disease in Its Tracks

# 1 Gum disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss for adults. Source.
Dr. Kirchner and our team understand how important it is to treat gum disease early. We check for signs of it at every dental exam and cleaning. In the early stages, you often won’t experience any symptoms. As the disease progresses, you may notice red, puffy gums that are tender to the touch. Your gums may also bleed when you brush or floss your teeth.

Your dentist will check for pockets of infection below the gumline where bacteria have begun to accumulate. If you show signs of gum disease, our team will usually recommend deep cleaning your gums. This process is known as scaling and root planing. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll use a scaler to remove built-up plaque and tartar around and below your gumline.
  • We’ll plane, or smooth, your teeth roots to help prevent the regrowth of bacteria.
  • Scaling and root planing may need to be repeated every few months if you’re prone to gum disease.

Your dentist may recommend you visit more frequently to stay on top of the disease.

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