Dentures Call For Lifelike Replacement Teeth
  • Ask about our $49 new patient special
  • Get a strong bite by pairing dentures with implants
  • Reveal a lifelike smile with full or partial dentures

Regain Your Teeth With Dentures in New Albany

For many of our patients, custom dentures are the preferred way to restore missing teeth. Plus, with advances in dentures materials and manufacturing in recent years, these restorations are better than ever. Dr. Kirchner can use New Albany dentures to help you:

  • Enjoy your mealtimes again instead of dreading them
  • Smile with a complete set of beautiful, lifelike teeth
  • Enhance your appearance to look more youthful and vibrant
  • Increase your confidence in social settings

We can give you back your smile with dentures, so give Kirchner Dental a call today at 812-884-8304 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask about our $49 new patient special that includes an exam and X-rays.

Modern Dentures Give You a Beautiful Smile

Custom dentures are popular because they offer an excellent way to restore your smile. Dr. Kirchner and our team love seeing a patient look at their new smile in the mirror after they’ve been fitted with a set of dentures. Sometimes it’s been years since they’ve had a full set of teeth, and they can now eat foods that had been off the menu and smile with newfound confidence. That’s the power of custom dentures from Kirchner Dental.

We offer several types of dentures depending on your needs:

  • Traditional Full Dentures – We can replace a complete arch of teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.
  • Traditional Partial Dentures – If you have a few healthy teeth remaining, partials clasp into place to these teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – For a stable and comfortable set of teeth, we can anchor your dentures to dental implants.
  • Reconstructive Dentures – If you’re not a good candidate for implants, this style of dentures is a good alternative for a secure fit.
  • Temporary Dentures – Wear temporaries while waiting for your final set of dentures so you don’t have to be without your teeth.

Let our team restore your smile with New Albany dentures. Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-884-8304 to schedule an appointment or schedule online.

Common Questions About Dentures

Who might need dentures?

If you are missing all or nearly all your teeth, dentures are a fantastic way to get back your smile and your bite. Depending on your individual situation, you may want either full or partial dentures. Full dentures replace a complete arch of teeth on one or both of your jaws, while partials are used when you have some healthy teeth remaining.

How long does it take to make dentures?

The exact time it takes to make dentures can vary significantly, depending on the style of denture, the materials they’re made from, and other factors. When we order your dentures, we can give you a much better time frame. However, most dentures require one to two weeks to be made professionally in a lab.

How much do dentures cost?

Once we’ve examined your mouth, discussed your options, and worked up a treatment plan, we can let you know how much your dentures will cost. Simpler dentures made from less expensive materials will naturally cost less, but they may not last as long. Dentures made from premium materials require a bigger investment up front but tend to hold up better in the long run.

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