Don’t Let an Infection Spoil Your Smile

Teeth become infected when bacteria reach the pulp — the soft tissue in the center of a tooth. This leads to inflammation, which puts pressure on your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. This kind of problem can develop from an untreated cavity, a crack in a tooth, or an injury that causes a tooth to break.

Many people put off root canal procedures because of negative portrayals they have seen on TV shows or movies. But with advances in restorative dentistry, root canals are done with minimal discomfort. With effective local anesthesia, you shouldn’t feel a thing.

During this treatment, your team will:

  • Numb the affected area, to make your treatment as comfortable as it can be
  • Carefully remove the infected tissue from the pulp chamber of your tooth
  • Use a rubber-like material to fill and reinforce the tooth
  • Cap your tooth with a crown to restore its appearance and its function

You can save your diseased tooth instead of getting an extraction. Stop your pain at the source while preserving your smile.

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