With the holidays coming, you may worry about putting on a few extra pounds. We’re dentists, so we’re more worried about your teeth! We’ve got some tips for you that will not only help you take care of your teeth, but also keep the rest of your body in great shape too.

  • Eat Lots of Turkey – You shouldn’t worry about consuming too much turkey. It’s one of the most nutritious foods on the table, as it’s packed with protein. With no sugar or starch, it’s also good for your teeth. If you get any stuck in your teeth, just try to remove it as soon as you can.
  • Beware of Starchy Food – You know sugary foods can be problematic – for your smile and your waistline too. But starchy foods like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese can also do a number on your teeth, because the starch turns to sugar in your mouth. Vegetables like carrots, green beans, and peas are among your best choices for side dishes – as long as they aren’t drowning in sugary sauces. 
  • Avoid Soda – Soda is highly acidic and full of sugar. So it’s just about the worst beverage out there for your teeth. It’s not good for the rest of you either, as it’s full of empty calories. Water is your best choice. Drink plenty of it to help wash away food debris. Your second-best option is unsweetened ice tea. 
  • Pick Pumpkin for Your Pie – If you’re having pie for dessert, make it pumpkin. It’s not usually topped with meringue and contains less sugar than apple, berry, or other options. It’s practically a health food if you pass on the whipped cream topping. 
  • Brush & Floss – It’s easy to doze off on the couch after consuming a big meal. Try to make time to brush and floss your teeth before your nap. If that’s not possible, rinse your mouth out with water. 
  • Schedule an Exam if You Need One – You should visit us at least every six months for an exam and cleaning. If it’s been longer than that, schedule one today.

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