Have you ever wished visiting the dentist office wasn’t so stressful?

Do you long to have a healthy, beautiful smile but just can’t get comfortable enough with the idea of dental treatment to get the care you need?

Then today’s blog is for you!

We’re talking about the benefits of dental sedation at Kirchner Dental and how it can improve your patient experience and transform your dental health!

Unexpected Reasons To Give Dental Sedation A Try

Here are a few of the surprising perks of dental sedation in Jeffersonville, IN you should know about:


Even if you’re not scared or anxious at the dentist office, it’s not easy to keep your mouth wide open for a long period of time, and it’s even tougher if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

Sometimes we have to put things in your mouth to keep it open or to keep a tooth dry so we can work, but if you have gag sensitivity, it can drag the procedure on because we may have to keep stopping to give you a break.

Don’t misunderstand – we’re happy to do that! We always take as much time as our patients need to get through a procedure comfortably, but we know that if patients had the choice, they’d want it to wrap up sooner rather than later!

Sedation helps ease your physical response to treatment so we can work faster and more efficiently!


An often overlooked benefit of dental sedation is that it makes your overall treatment plan a bit simpler and more convenient. It allows Dr. Kirchner and our team to perform multiple treatments in one appointment because you’re relaxed enough to sit in the chair longer without feeling anxious or jittery.

Imagine being able to get everything taken care of in one fell swoop instead of having to schedule multiple appointments! Dental sedation can take the hassle out of your overall experience, allowing us to simplify longer, more complicated treatment plans.


Sometimes it’s not the actual patient who experiences the most stress during dental appointments. It’s the patient’s caregiver.

If you’re the parent of a special needs child, for example, the dentist office can be a scary, stressful place for both of you, your child because he or she may not fully understand what’s going on and might panic in the face of change or unfamiliar situations, and you because you don’t know how your child will respond to the staff or the treatment.

With sedation, we can help a patient with special needs feel completely relaxed and comfortable so that you, the caregiver, can feel relaxed and comfortable, too!


Much of the problem for those who avoid the dentist can be boiled down to good old-fashioned fear.

Some dental fear stems from previous traumatic experiences at the dentist office, usually during childhood. But it can be triggered by any number of things that make the dentist office an uncomfortable or scary place to be.

Whatever the cause, dental sedation is more powerful than fear, allowing patients to relax into the chair and get the treatment they need. Once you’ve tried laughing gas or oral sedation, you’ll walk away feeling more empowered about your next appointment. Each positive experience moving forward helps build fearful patients’ confidence so they can eventually overcome their anxiety about dental care.

Experience Gentler Dentistry In Jeffersonville!

We know that when it comes to overcoming dental fear, you can’t just take our word for it.

You really have to experience it for yourself to understand that dental care can be gentler, simpler, and more comfortable with sedation options at Kirchner Dental.

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