With Thanksgiving coming up, you may be thinking of your favorite holiday foods. Problem is, if you’ve lost a lot of teeth, your mouth may not be in shape to enjoy them. Don’t limit yourself to mashed potatoes and little else! With full-arch dental implants, you can have new teeth in time for the holiday meal. 

With full-arch implants, your dentist will attach a complete arch of replacement teeth to as few as four dental implants. They offer many benefits over traditional dentures and other styles of implant dentures too. Call us today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) to visit our Jeffersonville office and see if you’re a candidate for this treatment.

In the meantime, check out some benefits of teeth replacement with a full-arch implant procedure:

  • Quickest Way to a New Smile – The keys to successful full-arch treatment are careful planning and precise placement of implants. Your dentist can place your implants and new teeth in just one appointment. You’ll have a smile you want to show off and load-bearing teeth in just one day. You’ll return later and we’ll replace those temporary teeth with a more permanent arch. 
  • Speedy Recovery – Depending on the condition of your jaw and other factors, we’ll use as few as four dental implants to hold your teeth in place. This means your procedure itself and your recovery are typically quicker than treatments where eight or more implants are used. 
  • Lower Cost – Fewer implants also make it more affordable. Full-arch treatment is the most cost-effective way to replace many teeth with implants. 
  • Secure Bite – Compared to traditional dentures, you won’t have to worry about teeth that slip and shift out of place. You’ll be able to eat many kinds of food with your first arch of teeth and virtually anything once you get the more permanent one. Not only that, but you’ll never need adhesive and won’t have to remove your teeth for cleaning. You can just brush and floss like you always have. 
  • Keeps Bone Loss at Bay – With traditional dentures, you lose a lot of bone mass in your jaw, as much as 25 percent in the first year after tooth loss. But implants stimulate your jaw much like natural rooth roots, which keeps the bone intact. With a healthier jaw, your face will look fuller and more attractive. 

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