Kirchner Dental wants everyone in your house to have the happiest smiles. That’s why we offer plenty of services to take care of both kiddos and you “grownups”!

Providing family dentistry is very important to us. When you come in with your young ones, they can see that Mommy and Daddy don’t mind going to the dentist, which will decrease any anxiety about coming to see us in later years when they may need braces (see more info on those below!).

And if you yourself have an issue with dental anxiety, we know just how to provide the most relaxing visit possible. Read on and call our Jeffersonville, IN dentist office today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) today to learn more!

A Quick Look At Some Of Our Family Dentistry Services

Using the most current and patient-friendly equipment available, we proudly provide the following for you and your family:

General Dentistry – Through regular dental cleanings and thorough exams, we can make sure all of you guys remain free of cavities, discomfort, stinky breath, and any gum issues.

We also offer customized athletic mouthguards once your little ones are big enough to join the school team!

Orthodontics – Teens aren’t the only ones who require braces, and we’re happy to report that neither you nor your youngsters have to deal with those old-fashioned metal braces when the time comes to straighten your smiles.

At Kirchner, we offer Invisalign and ClearCorrect orthodontics, which are made of clear plastic and can both be removed at any time. These plastic trays fit right over your teeth and gently move them over time.

How much time? Typically only six months to a year, versus the usual two to three years that those unsightly metal-and-wire braces require!

Cosmetic Dentistry – In addition to orthodontics, we offer professional teeth whitening, customized veneers, and more to ensure you’re all completely satisfied with your smile.

Emergency Dentistry – Accidents happen, and we’re right here to help when they do. If you call us at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) before 9:30 a.m. during working hours, we will be able to have you or any family member in one of our chairs that very day.

Should you need emergency assistance any other time of the day, we will do our best to have you seen by Dr. Kirchner ASAP.

Restorative Treatments – We offer plenty of options for teeth that have been affected by decay or trauma. You can have a tooth-colored crown to place over a damaged tooth in just one visit. We perform root canals to end unnecessary pain caused by infections. We also provide dental bridges or implants to replace missing teeth.

Sleep Apnea Treatment – Sleep apnea is caused by abnormal breathing while you’re snoozing, which not only disrupts your slumber and makes you feel miserable the next day, but also can lead to serious health issues.

At Kirchner Dental, we’ll create a customized appliance to be worn over your teeth. It will gently shift your jaw so your windpipe stays open. This will eliminate snoring and help you breathe easier so you can get the best night’s rest.

How We Can Make A Trip To The Dentist “Fun”

It all starts with our welcoming attitude. The first visit for kiddos is a big deal to us, because we know a bad initial experience can lead to a lifetime of avoiding the dentist. So we do our best to make it fun and interesting!

We offer drinks and snacks in our waiting area, and little ones are sure to get a kick out of our massage chairs, TVs, and iPad headphones that are in each of our rooms. We also provide warm blankets and pillows upon request.

Sedation Dentistry Options and Anesthesia

Dr. Kirchner wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit, so nitrous oxide and oral sedation medication will be made available to you. We prefer to use “conscious sedation” so you can remain awake yet totally relaxed, calm, and able to ask any questions you may have.

We also use a wonderful device known as The Wand, a computer-controlled system that allows us to apply local anesthesia without requiring a big scary needle.

Make An Appointment Today

Find out more about Kirchner Dental’s family dentistry services by calling our Jeffersonville, IN office today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) . You can also use our online form to contact us.