We love serving the southern Indiana community, and it’s largely because of our awesome patients who’ve become part of the family here at Kirchner Dental.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary to treat a teenager with one of our clear orthodontic options, only to turn around and use that same treatment on one of their parents who’ve always wanted a straight, beautiful smile. That’s because with methods like Invisalign and ClearCorrect, adults can undergo treatment to correct crooked teeth without going the traditional route and wearing a mouth full of metal braces.

So we thought we’d shed some light on our two options in clear orthodontics so you’ll know more about the opportunities available to you. There’s no reason to settle for a crooked smile just because you thought braces were a young person’s game!

Today, we’re answering a frequently asked question about our clear braces:

Question: Is ClearCorrect the same as Invisalign? Which is better?

You’re getting two for the price of one in today’s FAQ! Invisalign and ClearCorrect share some similarities. They both use a series of clear, plastic aligners that cover your teeth but aren’t noticeable. That way you can get a straight smile, but you don’t have to announce your orthodontic treatment to the world.

Both options are highly effective and use the same concept for correction: change your aligner every couple of weeks as they gently shift your teeth into the proper position. With Invisalign, you get the aligners as you go, and ClearCorrect designs them all at the beginning, but they both work the same.

The differences are few: Invisalign is made outside the US and ClearCorrect is made here, and you’ll find many times that ClearCorrect costs a bit less overall.

Either way, Dr. Kirchner can help you decide if one of these options is right for your smile, but it all begins with a consultation!

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