Just because you don’t spend time in the boxing ring doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from a mouthguard at Kirchner Dental.

In fact, a professionally-made mouthguard can serve several purposes that not only protect your teeth and gums but improve your overall health and quality of life, too.

Here are three of the most common reasons we might suggest a patient invest in one of our custom mouthguards in Jeffersonville, IN:

#1 – You’re An Athlete

The most obvious reason you’d want to wear a customized mouthguard is if you’re an athlete or you lead an active lifestyle. Any time you participate in an activity that requires speed and agility, your smile faces a certain amount of risk. Wearing a quality oral appliance that is especially designed to fit over your teeth and gums will minimize the damage of anything making blunt contact with your mouth.

This can help you avoid traumatic dental injuries and costly emergency restorative treatments over the long run.

#2 – Your Jaw Hurts

Chronic pain in your jaw, head, neck, or shoulders is often a red flag for dentists. That’s because we’re trained to identify symptoms associated with TMJ problems. Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is incredibly important to your dental function because it controls the movement of your mouth.

When it’s out of alignment, it can cause all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, including damage to your tooth enamel caused by grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. A custom mouthguard can heal and properly align the joint, which improves function and alleviates pain and muscle tension.

#3 – You Snore Loudly

Obstructive sleep apnea increases a person’s risk for serious health issues like heart problems and high blood pressure. But it also impairs your normal daily function and ability to enjoy your life.

One of the most recognizable symptoms of OSA is loud, chronic snoring, which we can help reduce or end with a custom oral device you wear while you sleep. It fits like a mouthguard and helps you breathe freely all night long so you can get the deep rest your body needs for optimum energy and health!

To find out if you would benefit from a custom mouthguard, call Kirchner Dental today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Jeffersonville, IN.