It’s possible to put the youthful glow back into your smile with teeth whitening treatment at Kirchner Dental! Our powerful whitening system can give you dramatic results, and our customized take-home treatment can make those results last.

But it’s also possible to prevent, or at least minimize, teeth stains in the first place!

3 Ways You’re Staining Your Teeth!

Here are some of the ways you’re staining your teeth and casting a dull shadow over your smile:

*Drinking Coffee & Red Wine*

Morning coffee and occasional red wine are common smile saboteurs!

Both are dark beverages that dull the natural whiteness of your teeth over time. The acidity in these drinks makes it even easier for the dark pigments they contain to adhere to your tooth enamel.

That’s because the colors find microscopic nooks and grooves to settle into on the surface of your teeth, making it tough to remove them by brushing alone, especially if you sip them throughout the course of the morning, day, or evening. The longer your teeth are exposed to the bold colors, the easier it will be for them to stick to your teeth.

*Eating Dark Foods*

Bold colors in foods like blueberries, soy and marinara sauce, balsamic vinegar, and chocolate can darken your teeth and dull your smile.

You should always try to eat a diverse, nutrient-rich diet regardless of the color of those foods, but you can also protect your teeth from becoming stained because of them.

Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth are daily habits that can better shield your teeth against dark pigments that would otherwise stick to your enamel.


Cigarette smoke leaves lingering stains on everything it comes into contact with, from walls, to fabrics, to fingertips, to your nails, and yes, even your teeth.

And they’re so difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to remove.

Since there are endless health risks and zero health benefits to smoking, it’s best to quit for your body and your smile!

How To Fight Teeth Stains & Brighten Your Smile!

Here are two ways you can prevent teeth stains, or at least minimize the amount of brightly-colored pigments that try to stick to your teeth:

*Maintain Good Oral Hygiene*

Brushing your teeth twice a day is necessary to your dental health, but it can also help you fight teeth stains.

It’s more beneficial to take a proactive approach by brushing before you consume dark foods or drinks rather than right after. Brushing beforehand will remove plaque from your teeth, leaving bold pigments almost nothing to adhere to inside your mouth. If you waited to brush your teeth until right after a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, however, you could aggravate the problem by stripping your tooth enamel, given the acidity of these types of drinks.

*Rinse Your Mouth With Water*

Since you can’t commit to a diet of colorless foods and drinks for the rest of your life, you can rely on water to rinse away any dark residue left behind from bold colors. Drinking plenty of water is also a healthy strategy because it will help you maintain a steady flow of saliva that coats your teeth and makes it harder for dark pigments to stick to your enamel.

Get Teeth Whitening Treatment!

You can minimize staining with the tips from today’s blog, but you can also remove the ones you have in as little as an hour with teeth whitening treatment in Jeffersonville, IN!

Maintain your results at home with our customized trays and gels, too!

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