Enjoy a Personalized Makeover With Different Types of Veneers

Stats Image Porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years. Source.
Because every smile is different, we offer different types of dental veneers:

  • e.max veneers
  • Lumineers veneers
  • DuraThin veneers

Dr. Kirchner will help you determine which is best for your specific situation. We offer traditional veneers and prepless veneers. With prepless veneers, no enamel is removed before bonding the veneers to your teeth. They typically won’t work as well as traditional veneers if your teeth are misaligned, fairly large, misshapen, or severely stained.

Because a veneer needs to fit perfectly on your tooth, Dr. Kirchner begins by taking careful measurements. Once the veneer is made and depending on the type of veneer you’ve chosen, he’ll remove a thin layer of enamel. Final steps are:

  • Adjusting the fit, if needed
  • Securely applying the veneer
  • Giving it a polish so it looks great

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