Correct Problems With Dental Development Early

Even before your child loses all their baby teeth, we can monitor the development of their jaw to make sure things are progressing the way they should. As they grow, children will go through stages where they have both permanent and primary teeth, so it’s important to keep a close eye on how the jawbone grows and whether it’s moving into a healthy position for their emerging adult teeth.

If Dr. Kirchner notices potential problems with that development, he may recommend early orthodontic intervention to:

  • Minimize complications with their bite
  • Maximize the success of future orthodontic treatment
  • Prevent dental damage and wear of their adult teeth
  • Simplify cosmetic treatment they may need later

We can use oral appliances like spacers and expanders to prevent overcrowded teeth, avoid the need for surgical intervention at a later age, and even minimize the time they spend on orthodontic treatment down the road.

When the time comes to fix the position of their teeth, your child will already be at an advantage because of our preventive orthodontics. Join our Smile Club, and you can save 15 percent off the cost of treatment!

Choose the Best Orthodontic Solution For Your Child

When the time is right, you can decide the best orthodontic solution for your child, depending on their dental needs and your family’s budget and lifestyle. To straighten teeth in Jeffersonville, you can choose:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Custom clear aligners

Call 812-913-6093 or schedule online today. Get started on creating your child’s healthy, straight smile with preventive orthodontics in Jeffersonville.