Just like you winterize your home or your car, you also have to winterize your smile so the extreme cold of the season doesn’t put your oral health at risk.

At Kirchner Dental, our mission is to keep your smile healthy all year long with routine cleanings and exams, along with our various other advanced dental solutions in Jeffersonville, IN.

Today, we’re focusing on how we can make sure you get through this particular season with a strong, healthy smile!

3 Ways To Protect Your Teeth This Winter!

Here are three specific ways your teeth may be exposed to harm during the cold winter months and how you can keep your smile safe from the elements!

*Get An Athletic Mouthguard*

If you have athletes in your family who participate in winter sports, the safest bet for their teeth and gums is a custom athletic mouthguard.

At Kirchner Dental, we provide the right kind of mouthguard for your specific sport, and they’re made using the highest standards of excellence set by the American Dental Association, something you can’t rely on with store-bought mouthguards.

We’ll provide the best, most comfortable fit and full coverage and protection so you or your child have an athletic mouthguard that keeps teeth and gums safe while you’re performing on the court or field.

*Limit Sugary Comfort Foods*

We all enjoy comfort foods this time of year. While the weather keeps us cozied up indoors, we tend to indulge in starchy, creamy soups and casseroles.

Comfort, indeed!

But the problem this can pose for your teeth is that these types of foods are loaded with added sugar, which will increase your risk for tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

You don’t have to avoid them entirely, but you should be evermore vigilant with your daily oral hygiene routine. You can also rinse your mouth out with water after meals to keep your mouth clean of tasty food particles that feed bad bacteria.

*Keep Yourself Hydrated*

When it’s cold outside, you’ll likely stay warm by consuming hot drinks like cocoa, coffee, or tea. While it’s comforting, these beverages are no substitute for what your mouth and your body truly need all year long.

That’s good old-fashioned water!

Be sure to stay well-hydrated, even in winter, with plenty of water every day. This will ensure the healthy production of saliva in your mouth that will fight bacteria and shield your teeth and gums from stains and harmful acids.

What Happens To Teeth In Cold Weather?

Anything exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures will either contract or expand, and our teeth are no exception.

When you step outside in the morning during the cold winter months to warm up the car, for example, breathing in the cold air will cause your teeth to contract. Although it’s to such a slight degree that you won’t notice, it can still be enough to cause tiny fractures once you’re back in the warmth of the indoors.

Only our intraoral cameras can detect this kind of microscopic damage to your teeth, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to rely on us for routine dental care! Cover your mouth with a mask or scarf while outside during the winter months to prevent dental damage, and remember to let us check up on your teeth to make sure they’re holding strong!

Call For An Appointment!

No matter the season, the best way to protect your teeth is to visit us twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. We have the technology and the training to keep your mouth safe from harmful bacteria so your teeth and gums remain safe from the elements.

Be sure to check out all of our high-quality dentistry services to maintain, improve, and enhance your smile all year long!

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