Having a straight smile isn’t just for teenagers. Adults deserve aligned teeth just as much. That’s not just because adults deserve to look good too. It’s because having a crooked smile is harder on your dental health. You can give yourself worn enamel and TMJ pain with a misaligned smile.

That’s why you need to call our Jeffersonville, IN dental office today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) and make your initial appointment for ClearCorrect. This modern orthodontic treatment gives you the straight, aligned teeth you need to both look great and stay healthy. But how do they compare with traditional braces?

How Orthodontic Treatments Move Your Teeth

Before you pick which you want, you should know how each works. Braces and ClearCorrect have very different ways of repositioning your teeth.

With traditional braces, metal brackets are cemented to the front of your teeth. Then a wire is run through them all. You have to make many visits to a dentist to have that wire tightened in places. This pushes and pulls your teeth to where they belong.

ClearCorrect is different. It does not have any metal brackets or wires. Instead, you get a series of clear plastic trays. They’re similar to a bite guard but thin and more comfortable. Every ClearCorrect tray is shaped a bit differently. By wearing them in the right order, the shape of the tray gently guides your teeth to their proper position.

Both traditional braces and ClearCorrect give the same results for most people.

How Both Look On Your Smile

Many people worry about how they’ll look wearing metal braces on their teeth. That’s a reasonable concern because you cannot hide those brackets and wires unless you never open your mouth. This is even more of a concern for adults because, with metal braces, they tend to look odd and even immature.

This is where ClearCorrect has the advantage. Because they’re made from clear, smooth plastic, they are hard to see when worn. Many people would have to be up close to even notice that you’re having orthodontic treatment done on your smile.

How Comfortable They Feel

Your typical orthodontic treatment lasts a while, so you also need to think about how comfortable it will be. Our Jeffersonville dentist takes 10 times the required amount of retraining each year, so Dr. Kirchner knows how to minimize your discomfort during orthodontic treatment.

However, there’s only so much anyone can do with metal braces. You have to get used to having brackets and wires in your mouth. You can cut the inside of your mouth on them, and if you ever get hit in the face, the resulting injury can be bad.

ClearCorrect doesn’t have those problems. The clear plastic trays are smooth and thin, meaning you should quickly get used to wearing them. And because they’re smooth, there’s nothing to catch on inside your mouth.

How They Cost

It’s not possible to know exactly how much braces or ClearCorrect will cost because everyone’s smile is different. Without a thorough exam from our Jeffersonville dentist, no one knows how much work your teeth will need before they’re properly aligned. That said, braces and ClearCorrect often cost similarly for most people.

How Long They Take Before Finished

If you’re worried about how long you’ll have to wear your orthodontic treatment, then you need to know that traditional braces typically take 2-3 years before they are complete. That depends somewhat on how much work is needed; a few crooked teeth will be finished much more quickly than having most teeth needing realignment.

But ClearCorrect is typically done in around one year, and sometimes even sooner. That translates to saving 1-2 years in many cases. This gives you your straight smile must faster while saving money on repeated dental office visits.

ClearCorrect Or Braces?

At the end of the day, ClearCorrect is usually the better choice. Traditional braces can do a better job of repositioning your jaw, but those are rare cases. Most people can get the straight smile they deserve with the modern ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment.

Call us today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) or use our convenient online form to make your initial appointment for ClearCorrect. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll have a healthy, aligned smile.