Even the most easily frightened among us can let loose this time of year and enjoy scary things in the spirit of Halloween.

Movies, haunted houses, and fun little pranks are all harmless, right?

But let’s look at the kind of fear that isn’t so harmless.

Fear of the dentist!

What’s the big deal, you ask? That’s what your friends at Kirchner Dental are talking about in today’s blog, as well as some of the ways we can make you feel much more comfortable with dental care in Jeffersonville!

Here’s The Real Problem With Dental Fear!

Fear, itself, is never the problem. It’s whether or not you let that fear control your behavior to the point where it interferes with your well-being.

That’s what happens with dental fear. So many people let it keep them from visiting the dentist unless it’s absolutely necessary, and by then, their needs often require some of the more complicated treatments in dental care.

If you’re putting off routine cleanings and exams, you’re allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, all of which can easily be treated with simple, painless procedures if they’re caught early.

While you think you’re helping yourself avoid dental treatment by simply not going to a dentist, you’re instead putting yourself on the fast track to the dentist office for restorative solutions you will eventually be facing.

So our mission is to change the way you experience appointments so you don’t mind getting the routine care you need, and we have several tools available to accomplish that!

Experience Stress-Free Appointments With Dental Sedation!

Given the wide range of triggers most people run into during a dentist appointment, we understand that helping fearful patients requires a multifaceted approach.

First, you’re probably scared of pain. You don’t feel any better knowing you’ll be numb because, often, it’s getting numb that’s so awful! Who wouldn’t be afraid of big needles?

That’s why we use an advanced, computer-guided numbing technique you won’t even feel!

Second, you might be anxious about environmental triggers like sounds of frightening drills. We offer headphones to help drown out noises that make you uneasy.

Then there are other comfort amenities to encourage a more calming experience, like our complimentary snack bar, massage chairs, and cozy blankets and pillows.

Finally, the treatment itself is likely the biggest source of stress for you.

Here, we offer the most effective relaxation strategy!

You can choose inhaled or oral sedation, whichever is best suited to your level of anxiety, so you can feel deeply relaxed throughout your procedure.

When we put all these together, you’ll see how our patient-centered approach can transform the way you experience dental appointments from here on out. It’s a stress-free kind of care that you’re probably not used to, but something you can benefit from in ways that can truly change your life!

Give Fear-Free Dentistry A Try!

Being afraid of the dentist is incredibly common, but avoiding the routine care you need for a healthy mouth will only make things worse.

Let us help you overcome your dental fear this Halloween! We want you to experience fear-free dentistry in Jeffersonville and will do all we can to ensure your comfort so you can have the healthy, bright smile you deserve.

To schedule an appointment, call Kirchner Dental today at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) or contact us online.