Correct Your Crooked Smile With New Albany Orthodontics

It’s never too late to get a straight smile. Even if you’re now an adult with a professional career, we offer you discreet orthodontic options that can give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. With orthodontics in New Albany, the team at Kirchner Dental can help you:

  • Smile with more confidence in your social encounters
  • Look younger and more vibrant
  • Make better first impressions on the job
  • Relax and enjoy your romantic moments
  • Improve your overall self-esteem

Don’t wait any longer to start working on your dream smile! Call Kirchner Dental today at 812-884-8304 to schedule an orthodontic consultation. Right now, you can get $500 off your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Straightens Your Teeth Discreetly

Patients love our Invisalign treatment because it gives them a way to straighten their teeth without using any metal wires, brackets or bands. All you have to do is wear comfortable plastic teeth aligners and you could complete your treatment in as few as 12 months. Plus, you can easily remove the aligners for eating, brushing, or a special occasion.

One of the best parts about Invisalign is that your teeth aligners will be made from transparent SmartTrack® material. Once you slip the aligners into place over your teeth, they’re practically invisible to others. You can walk into a meeting or classroom and feel confident about how your smile looks – even while you’re in the process of straightening it!

Explore Our Other Orthodontic Options

Kirchner Dental has you covered, no matter what type of orthodontics you need. Below are our other orthodontic options:

  • Traditional Braces – Braces are still a popular option because they work so well in a variety of situations. No matter how crooked your smile is, traditional braces can straighten it.
  • Clear Ceramic Braces – These braces combine the straightening power of standard braces with the discretion of clear brackets and tooth-colored ligatures (rubber bands). Straighten your smile without bringing excess attention to it.
  • Preventive Orthodontics – Children as young as 6 or 7 can benefit from early orthodontic intervention. We can use palatal expanders and space maintainers to help shorten their time in braces later on, or even eliminate the need for braces altogether.

If you need orthodontics in New Albany, Kirchner Dental is the place to go! Call us today at 812-884-8304 to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule online.