Since a new school year is in full swing, you might have some young athletes in your family who are just about ready to start conditioning for fall sports.

Football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball are pretty popular this time of year in southern Indiana, which is why you should make sure to visit Kirchner Dental before the games begin and get your child a customized athletic mouthguard.

We’re talking about why you should trust a dentist for a more comfortable fit and better protection against dental emergencies!

Fall Is A Risky Time For Dental Emergencies!

Just because your child athlete doesn’t play a contact sport doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk for a dental emergency. Your mouth can come in contact with a ball or puck, athletic equipment, or even hard surfaces like concrete or a wood floor.

Even without impact, athletes can clench their jaw or grind their teeth simply out of habit or the tension of competition.

That’s why an athletic mouthguard is such an asset to your child’s mass of sporting gear and equipment this fall!

*Protect Yourself With An Athletic Mouthguard*

So many sports, whether they involve constant close contact with other athletes or not, require some type of protective gear. That’s because your body needs to be safe from accidents and injuries that can happen on the field.

But, for some reason, not all teams, schools, and organizations require the use of athletic mouthguards. That doesn’t mean dental emergencies won’t happen during a practice or game. A ball, stick, bat, elbow, or hard surface can all potentially make contact with your mouth and result in tremendous damage to your teeth and gums.

Our team at Kirchner Dental thinks your teeth, gums, and oral health are all worthy of the right protection, too! That’s why we provide custom-made athletic mouthguards that shield teeth, gums, and lips from blunt force and objects and lessen the risk for serious harm to your jaw and head during impact.

*Customization = Comfort*

Although it may seem like a good idea in the beginning to get a mouthguard from a sporting goods store, they aren’t going to fit your child specifically. And you know what happens if something doesn’t fit.

They won’t wear it!

At Kirchner Dental, we’ll take precise measurements of your child’s mouth to create a customized athletic mouthguard that will not only stay firmly in place for maximum, full protection, but it will feel comfortable and allow them to breathe, speak, and focus more easily during a game.

Get Your Athletic Mouthguard Now!

Protecting your child’s teeth and gums takes more than just a healthy diet and a clean mouth everyday. It also takes special attention during their most active seasons, and for many parents, fall is one of them.

Gear your child up the right way with a custom athletic mouthguard in Jeffersonville, IN!

Get yours now and call Kirchner Dental at 812-913-6093 (Jeffersonville) 812-884-8304 (New Albany) 502-430-3451 (St. Matthews) or contact us online to schedule an appointment.