You shouldn’t have to go through life with an embarrassing smile all because you had the wrong impression about cosmetic dentistry.

That’s why your friends at Kirchner Dental are spilling some major tea about some of the most common myths we often hear from patients who first come to us for help with their dental flaws.

Here’s The Tea About Cosmetic Dentistry!

Let’s set the record straight about a few misconceptions that might be standing between you and the smile of your dreams!

*You Should Notice Results, Not The Work*

If cosmetic dental treatment is performed by someone who isn’t that skilled or experienced, the results will reflect that. There is such a thing as too perfect, and the consequence is that a person can end up with a smile that looks phony rather than flawless.

So you want to be careful to trust a professional who knows what they’re doing!

Quality of work is incredibly important to us. We are a team that invests in continuing education so our patients receive the most advanced care available by people who are well-trained to use the latest techniques.

We also make sure our technology is state-of-the-art so that the work we do gives you the most lifelike results, both in function and in appearance.

From composite fillings to our CEREC same-day dental restorations to veneers, we make sure that any cosmetic dentistry services you receive give you radiant, natural-looking teeth. You don’t want people to be able to tell you’re wearing dental veneers, for example.

All you want them to notice is that you have a bright, attractive smile!

*You Can Get High-End Treatment Without A Designer Price*

There are certainly cosmetic dental treatments that are more expensive than others, but to assume that cosmetic dentistry on the whole is out of your price range is misguided.

The fact is you can receive high-end services that don’t necessarily come with a designer price tag. There is much too wide a spectrum of treatment options to say that enhancing your smile is too costly.

It all depends on what you want to achieve. Obviously, the more involved, transformative, or lengthy the process, the more that treatment plan will cost. So if you’re talking about orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or gapped teeth and complicated alignment problems, or customized dental veneers to cover multiple teeth flaws, you can expect a larger financial investment. Considering the results you’re getting and how long they last, it’s a worthy investment, to be sure!

But there are also many enhancements that are fast, simple, and affordable, too! Teeth whitening and tooth bonding are great examples. They are the type of services we can do in a single visit with little-to-no prep and cost much less than you might think!

At Kirchner Dental, we even like to give our patients special deals and promotions to make treatments more affordable, like our Whitening for Life program! You can whiten your teeth fast with an in-office treatment, and then receive a take-home kit and free refills on whitening gel at your routine dental exams… for life!

*Treatment Isn’t Painful, But Avoiding It Is*

One common barrier that keeps people from having the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve is fear. Too many adults avoid visiting the dentist to get the routine treatment they need for good oral health in general, let alone the cosmetic dentistry that would help improve their smile’s appearance, because they fear pain.

But what some, unfortunately, don’t realize is that dental treatment isn’t at all what it used to be! With advances in science and technology, treatments are more comfortable than ever.

In fact, even getting numb before a dental procedure is painless at Kirchner Dental! We use a computer-assisted technique that you can’t even feel instead of the large scary needles you’re probably used to.

Along with that, many cosmetic procedures in particular are virtually painless anyway because they generally involve working on the surfaces of your teeth that don’t house any nerve endings! You can also rely on comfort amenities and dental sedation to help you feel calm and relaxed, so dental fear is quickly becoming a thing of the past for our patients!

The reality is that the most painful thing about cosmetic treatment is not getting it! Carrying around the emotional baggage of insecurity and anxiety about dental flaws is far more traumatic than simple, quick cosmetic procedures in our modern, comfortable dentist office!

*Leave It To The Professionals*

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

This truth applies to life in many ways, including cosmetic dental treatment!

You could easily go online or stroll the aisles of your nearest drugstore to find an array of DIY kits to correct dental flaws.

There’s an endless amount of teeth whitening products on the market, for example, from toothpastes to strips to more complex light-assisted treatments you can do at home.

You can even get clear aligners to straighten your teeth without ever setting foot in an orthodontist’s office!

But just because you can do all those things, doesn’t mean it’s the best approach to fixing cosmetic issues with your teeth! To the manufacturers of these sort of products and gadgets, you are nothing but a dollar sign. They don’t owe you anything, save for the general regulations in place regarding consumer safety, so you can’t always trust that the products you’re using won’t cause any sort of irritation, dental damage, or long-term problems with your teeth and gums.

Given how important your teeth are, and the undeniable connection between your oral and overall health, the only person who should be overseeing your cosmetic treatment is an experienced, highly-trained dentist!

Nothing you will find in stores or online is going to measure up to the kind of work you can expect from a dental professional in terms of safety, quality, and results.

And that’s the tea!

Time To Take A Sip!

We’ve spilled a lot of tea today, so if you’ve been avoiding cosmetic dentistry because of some of the misconceptions we’ve straightened out, maybe it’s time to take a sip and get the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted!

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