At Kirchner Dental, you can expect to find high-quality replacement teeth that work best for your health and lifestyle.

But not all replacement options are the same. That’s why we want to spend some time during Dental Implant Month telling our tooth loss patients about the best way to invest in your future oral and overall health!

Nothing comes as close to the real thing as replacement teeth that are anchored to dental implants, and today, you’re going to learn why!

Invest In Yourself By Investing In Dental Implants!

Here’s why investing in Jeffersonville dental implants is an investment in YOU:

*Receive The Most Return On Your Investment*

We will never make light of the financial part of the tooth replacement process, or any dental treatment for that matter. Cost is one of the most common barriers to good oral health, and we’re not doing you any favors in glossing over that.

But what we do need to stress is the importance of considering the returns on your investment when you’re weighing your tooth replacement options.

While removable dentures or a stand-alone restoration may be cheaper on the front end, they will require maintenance or replacement every few years, and yes, more money.

That’s not true for dental implants, which are meant to be a permanent solution.

So before you dismiss implants at the start because the initial cost is higher than other options, think about which choice is going to result in the most return on your investment over the long run.

*Feel Great About How You Look*

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that a toothless smile isn’t something you’re proud of. The cosmetic consequence of missing teeth is undeniable and will absolutely devastate your confidence.

So in very simple terms, you’re going to feel great about the way you look when you replace your teeth with dental implants.

Attached to a lifelike dental restoration, you not only get the satisfaction that your smile looks natural and attractive, but you also can have peace of mind because you’ll no longer have to worry about slippery dentures affecting your speech or appearance.

*Protect Your Health*

Your total health depends, in part, on the state of your oral health.

In other words, you can’t have a healthy body without having a healthy mouth.

Now, you could replace a tooth with a dental crown or bridge, or replace a full arch of teeth with standard dentures.

While those options have their place in dentistry and will restore your smile’s appearance, they fall short of ensuring your long-term oral and overall health.

That’s because you can only replicate the function of a real tooth by attaching restorations to a dental implant, which simulates the function of a tooth root. Fusing with your bone, an implant keeps your jaw actively engaged, encourages healthy new bone growth, and ensures the lasting structural stability of your mouth for the rest of your life.

They allow you to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet, chew your food more thoroughly for better digestion, and keep your jaw, gums, and remaining teeth safe, strong, and secure.

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